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Fresh Vegetables Salad


One go-to food that we like to eat is PIZZA.  As you can see there is NO MEAT and NO CHEESE.  We can order like this in a restaurant, or go to the pizza chef on the cruise ship and have it made to order.  


Cauliflower Wings

One of my favorite foods that I love eating on a ship or in a restaurant is cauliflower wings.  One night, the people who were sitting next to us asked us about our food, and ended up eating my entire plate of "wings".  Needless to say, we ordered


In A Lounge At The Nara Airport

You never know what you will find in a lounge!  The Nara Airport in Japan offered all kinds of delicious food, such as veggie sushi, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, rice, and salad.  If you have the Priority Pass, you can get in and eat for FREE!


Veggie Tofu Scramble

On the ship, I had many variations of my go-to breakfast.  A lot of the time, I would ask the chef to add potatoes, a variety of different veggies, a variety of beans, tofu... I also ask for everything to be cooked in NO OIL. Have fun with the creativity!



You can definitely eat pasta.  Here is a sample of pasta that we had made with many delicious veggies, tomato sauce, lemon, and no oil.  If you feel inclined, you could have the chef add veggies, or add the beyond meat crumble (I don't personally eat processed), or you could experiment with spices.  



There are many ways to make rice without adding cheese, milk, cream or oil.  On nearly every ship that I have been on, I have found an eager chef who loved to give suggestions and suprise us with great food, such as this tomato risotto with mushrooms and asparagas.  

Samples of our food

As you know, we have the additional "challenge" of maintaining a vegan lifestyle in environments, such as cruise ships, which don't really cater to the WFPB lifestyle.  

We have a lot of discussion with the chefs to make sure that we don't eat something that we don't want.

Please check out some of our samples of food! 

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