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Dear Readers,


Welcome to the KirkTori Story.  We are documenting our adventurous lifestyle changes, not only for ourselves to reflect upon in future years, but to also share some of our experiences along the way. 

We are Kirk and Victoria (Tori), who are a young early 50’s couple from Canada who had decided to leave the day -to- day work force in order to do more of what we love.  Travel!

One day, almost out of the blue, we made the decision to sell our primary home, so that we can take the time and explore the world by travelling on cruise ships. 

We love experiencing new places, and seeing new things, and felt that us seeing the world via cruise ship travel, would be the most economical way for us to do so.  We also figured that it would be a little bit easier for us to travel by cruise ship because for us, it as a floating/ travelling hotel with a lot of food options so that we can also maintain our plant based way of eating!

It is a big adventure, and a little bit scary.  We keep trying to remind ourselves that because we sold our home and packed everything up and put it in storage, that we have nowhere to really run “home” to! 

This blog will document some of our experiences with the various cruise ships we board; some of the destinations and ports that we visit; and the food that we eat.  In addition, we expect that we will be sharing a lot of stories about our adventures. 

We hope to be able to have fun, learn a lot, and maybe even inspire someone out there to follow through on a potentially crazy dream too! 

Hopefully, you will see us participate in activities such as walking, hiking, snorkeling, and biking… or maybe you will see if we are brave enough to try a new activity while we are trying out our new lifestyle! 

Please subscribe to our blog, and join us on our social media of facebook, youtube and instagram. 


It would be fun to hear from you! 


Thank you for reading. 

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