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Welcome To The KirkTori Story!

Kirk and Tori Tell Their Story Of Early Retirement, Living On A Cruise Ship, While Managing A Vegan Lifestyle.

Kirk and Tori have always loved to travel. They had difficulty with accepting that as people age, generally, they are not in good enough shape to really experience travel and to see the world.

This brings us to the KirkTori Story.

This is a blog about how Kirk and Tori decided to retire early (they are both in their early 50's); sell their house in Canada and mainly live on cruises ships WHILE maintaining their vegan, WFPB lifestyle!

As a reader of this blog, you will see pictures, video, and documentation on their travels across the world; you will see how they eat in environments not typically catered to the vegan lifestyle; and you will witness tips and tricks about traveling without a "home" to go to!

Selfie of KirkTori in Japan at the beach
Kirk and Tori in Japan

Kirk and Tori travel by cruise ship

Explore a variety of cruise ship itineraries around the world with various cruise lines from Kirk and Tori's perspective. Discover the costs, tips and tricks of this method of travel, and learn about some of the great things to do in port!

Kirk and Tori travel as vegans

In a world that is not set up to accommodate the vegan, Kirk and Tori face some challenges while eating. See creative posts on how they eat on cruise ships, restaurants, and excursions. Discover some great options! Learn how they manage their weight and day to day lifestyle while not ever being hungry.

Kirk and Tori retired young

Learn how Kirk and Tori budget for their trips. Be inspired from their story of how they were brave enough to just stop working. Get ideas on how you too can travel without breaking the bank.

Keep up with the KirkTori Story

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Do you have questions about early retirement, or selling your house to travel?

Are you a vegan, or considering choosing a wfpb lifestyle and want additional tips?

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